- Market for used bikes for sale

Created by Cyclists for Cyclists

Tips for Sellers

Ways to sell your used Bike are many:

  • Local newspaper, cycling clubs, websites etc
  • Trade it in with one of our bike shop sellers. [see list of shop buyers]
  • Sell it yourself on

If you chose to sell it yourself please take note of the following:

  • Support our cause and help reduce the traffic of stolen bikes by inserting the frame number in your advert
  • Add your photo id to become a vetted seller

Meeting the Buyer

  • Arrange a time and place you and the buyer will feel comfortable with
  • Meet in well lit place. Some of our BIKE SHOP dealers provide an exchange point for customers to make their transaction in a safe environment. [see list - link to list of stores doing this] Cycle SuperStore will provide an exchange point outside their building, well lit and close to the entrance, customers may get advice on the condition of the bike for a small fee
  • Always let a friend or family member know where you are going
  • Try not to go alone
  • Don't give the buyer personal information, where you live your cycling club etc, its not their business
  • Always be on guard, remember you will be carrying CASH after the transaction

The Bike

  • The better the condition the quicker the sale and a better price will be achieved
  • Clean the bike
  • Touch up scratches but don't repaint the full bike
  • Take good pictures: 2 close ups and one full frame. Uncluttered background. Take a photo of the frame number. [How to locate the frame number link]
  • Make sure if give correct measurement [see guide]
  • Ensure the frame number can be read easily. Sometimes the number can be obscured by the cable guide under the bottom bracket. In case let the buyer know this and write down as much of the number as can be seen


  • Technically a deposit is a promise by the seller you to fulfill the contract and pay the full agreed amount
  • Do not put accept deposits on bikes if you are dealing with someone you do not know
  • Do not hand over the bike cash until you are satisfied with price
  • Cash is the easiest payment method, but unsuitable for large amounts
  • If the seller is using a bank draft. Always verify the bank draft with the issuing bank before handing over the goods. Either call the bank, or go in to one of their branches
  • Never accept foreign cheques or bank drafts as payment
  • If you're receiving a large amount of cash, Check that the notes are not fraudulent.
  • watermark etc see link how to check notes are legal tender.