- Market for used bikes for sale

Created by Cyclists for Cyclists

Tips for Buyers

Unfortunately many thieves use the more popular websites to trade their goods. One of the principal aims of Used Bikes is to discourage and reduce the traffic of stolen bikes.

Meeting the seller

  • Arrange a time and place you feel comfortable with
  • Meet in well lit place. Some of our BIKE SHOP sellers provide an exchange point for customers to make their transaction in a safe environment [see list - link to list of stores doing this] Cycle SuperStore will provide an exchange point outside their building, well lit and close to the entrance, customers may get advice on the condition of the bike for a small fee.
  • Always let a friend or family member know where you are going
  • Try not to go alone
  • Don't give the buyer personal information, where you live your cycling club etc, it's not their business
  • Always be on guard, remember you are carrying CASH
  • Be aware if the item is too cheap!
  • Buy from vetted sellers where possible

Check The Bike

We suggest you should only buy a bike from a seller who displays the frame number in the advert, you should ask to see the number on the bike and compare it to ensure it matches.[note there are some manufactures who do not use frame number, usually less popular ones. If this is the case check the frame for any possible number removal damage or repainting.

  • Check that the bike's condition matches the description in the advert
  • Check the frame sizes is correct [link to pages on how to do this]
  • Test ride the bike. Your companion can stay as security
  • Look for wear and tear on tyres, chain and cassette. [how to check your chain wear link]
  • look for cracks in the paint - this may indicate a cracked frame
  • Re-painted frames are suspect unless its a retro bike been restored e.g. old High Nelly
  • Place your foot on the bottom bracket and apply pressure while holding the bike this will give you some idea of the flex in the frame. Usually we want this to be as stiff as possible. A well used road bike may be tired and have too much flex -this will be important for performance
  • Beware of fake goods, this is hard to identify. Ask where it was purchased and check with the dealer
  • Check the rims for brake wear, this will help determine the use the bike has got

Making Payment

  • Remember the law states "let the buyer beware" this means once you have paid you have no right to change your mind.
  • Technically a deposit is a promise by you to fulfill the contract and pay the full agreed amount
  • Do not put deposits on bikes or pay in advance of collecting your item if the you are dealing with someone you do not know
  • Do not hand over cash until you are satisfied with price and the bike
  • Cash is the easiest payment method, but unsuitable for large amounts
  • Use a bank draft for large amounts

Cycle to Work Scheme

Used Bikes are not available for purchase via the Cycle to Work Scheme