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About us

UsedBikes.Ie is a web site designed by bike users for bike users.

As bike users we have found it difficult to sell our used bikes in a safe way.
Many of the current websites have a reputation for selling stolen bikes.
The current solutions do not have a good selection of quality used bikes.

We aim to reduce the traffic of stolen bikes by:

  • Promoting the inclusion of frame numbers in all adverts.
  • Traceability of seller in the event an item is proven to be stolen.
  • Photo ID will be requested for individual sellers.
  • In the event a bike is found to be stolen Seller's details would be handed over to the Gardai.
  • Building a Database of reported stolen frame numbers.
  • Building a Database of registered new bikes and making this available to Gardai to help restore found bikes to owners.

We believe these measures will discourage thieves from using our site and buyers can therefore buy in confidence.

We provide a platform for:

  • Bulk Sellers like Shops, Clubs or Vetted Dealers
  • Individual Sellers

All Individual Adverts are Free.
Bulk sellers are free for the first 6 months. Apply for a bulk seller account
We welcome any suggestion on how we can make this site better for our users. email

We only allow the sale of used bikes & used components, accessories & clothing.
New bikes on the site must be clearance only and heavily discounted.

The site is presently funded by Cycle SuperStore

Cycle to Work Scheme

Used Bikes are not available for purchase via the Cycle to Work Scheme