Raleigh Pro Cargo Bike

Used bikes do not qualify for the bike to work scheme.

Item specifics

Frame material:
Extra Sturdy Frame with Shockproof Powder Coating, Treated on the Inside to Protect Rusting
Brake type:
Hydraulic Disc Brake
Gears front:
Nuvinci 300 Stepless Shifting System
Gears rear:
Nuvinci 300 Stepless Shifting System
Wheel size:


The Bleeper eCargo Raleigh is the ideal electric cargo bike for your valuable ‘freight’. Whether it concerns the groceries, the children or your pet. With this cargo bike you can safely take them from A to B.


Purchase by messaging or visiting: https://store.bleeperactive.com/products/bleeper-refurbished-ecargo-raleigh


All bikes have a 3 month warranty.




Integrated Front and Rear LED Lights: Vital visibility thanks to integrated front and rear

LED lights: a must for lower light travel and busy city streets.

80kg Load Capacity: A lightweight fiberglass box carries up to 80kg of cargo, ideal for last-mile deliveries.

50 Kilometer Range: With a range of 50 kilometers on every charge, you can keep those deliveries coming with confidence.

Balance 26" rear wheel and 20" front wheel: to bring you the optimum balance of performance, power and comfort.

Value For Money: This is the economic proposition with all the safety in place but equipped with standard battery, gear and motor.

The maximum payload capacity is 80 kg: 80kg payload capacity 500Wh battery capacity



Q1. What about wear & tear?

Scratches and the odd bent spoke are an acceptable level of wear and tear and you will not be charged. If it is an unacceptable level of damage we will assess it and give you a quote to repair or replace the damaged parts.

Q2. How do I charge the my electric bike?

There is an input on the right side of the battery where you can connect the charger. You can charge the battery when it is placed in the e-bike or you can slide it out of the frame and charge it inside your house.

Q3. Is it possible to install a child seat on my eBike?

Unfortunately, no.